An All New EU: The Winner of the Anniversary Logo Contest


If you’ll recall last week when we did a little coverage of the EU choosing the panel who was going to choose the winner of the new EU logo for their 50th anniversary, you’ll appreciate this follow up, as it’s just been announced who the winner was: it’s Szymon Skrzypczak, a Polish student. The logo is a blend of familiar typefaces and characters, each representing different parts of Europe, and spells out the word “Together.” Personally, we’re not all that crazy about it, as it kinda looks like something an Olympic committee would approve, but hey, we’re dealing with government here, and a lot of them to boot. Here’s some:

“This logo gives a graphic interpretation to the voice of all Europeans, especially the new generations,” says the competition website. “These Europeans look for peace, stability and prosperity without taking anything away from their rights of individuality and diversity.” It adds: “The word ‘together’ expresses in a simple and immediate way what was originally bound to the idea of Europe: not only politics, or money, or geographic boundaries, but most of all co-operation and solidarity.” It also praises the irony “inspired by fashion labels”.

Wait. Wha? Fashion labels? Where?