Amy Poehler High School English Teacher Event Quickly Sells Out

It didn’t take long for tickets to disappear for the most unusual portion of Amy Poehler’s upcoming book tour. On Wednesday, October 29 at the John Hancock Hall at the Back Bay Events Center in Boston, the actress will sit down with her former high school English teacher Kathy Dalton to talk about her book Yes Please. A day after tickets went on sale, the event is SRO:

While originally a transplant from upstate New York, Dalton spent most of her career teaching English in Burlington, Massachusetts. In September of 1983, a bright, enthusiastic and extremely inquisitive 14-year-old named Amy Poehler entered Ms. Dalton’s freshman class, and thus began their four year literary journey together. Although, it didn’t take long for Ms. Dalton to recognize that Amy’s own creative journey was just beginning, she never envisioned how far it would take her. Bravo, Amy!

The other interviewers recruited for Poehler’s brief book tour are more recognizable: Seth Myers at the 92nd Street Y (October 28) and Norman Lear at UCLA (November 10).

But you just know that October 29 high school reunion is going to be extra-special. Kudos to Poehler and whoever else came up with this great idea.

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