Industry Group Disputes Another LA Times Green Energy Article

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) is no fan of LA Times reporter Tiffany Hsu. In the wake of her August 3 article “The Dark Side of Solar and Wind Power Projects,” deputy executive director Tom Gray has blogged some detailed objections. He does so by quoting instances of the reporter’s “Rhetoric” and then answering in each case with the “Facts.”

Gray’s August 5 complaint comes on the heels of a previous blog entry that criticized two other articles by Hsu. He insists that for her latest piece, she relied on “uninformed speculation by people who oppose wind farms, rather than knowledgeable experts.” Among Gray’s more than half-dozen fact-check observations:

Rhetoric: Accidents involving wind turbines have increased in the last decade, and “watchdog groups fear incidents could skyrocket further — placing more workers and even bystanders in harm’s way … “

Facts: AWEA is not aware of any member of the American public having been harmed by a wind turbine…

Given the extensive list of factual errors and limited scope statements itemized by Gray in Friday’s blog item, the LA Times may want to respond in some fashion.

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