American Idol: Design Writing Edition


Designers are flocking to art school like the salmon of San Juan Capistrano. So where’s the next generation of design writers? Rick Poynor’s article in Icon says it all with just a headline: “The death of the critic.” It sounds dramatic, but it’s essentially true–most of the design critics we know and love today are, um, aging gracefully. Where to look for the considered voices of the future, who can pick apart the discipline with silver-tongued lexicon?

Winterhouse and AIGA have created what we’re pretty sure are the first-ever design writing awards. One award will be given to a writer under 40 for a body of work, one award will be given to a student for a single piece of writing. The writing doesn’t have to be published, it can be totally blog-born, and they’re specifically looking for things like screenplays or poetry or fiction that artfully incorporate design. As Jessica Helfand told us, they are simply looking for writing that’s so inventive and animated that it doesn’t have to rely on snappy visuals.

Think you can scrape together a few Courier-formatted pages of quality work? Register here. Winners will be announced at the tres fancy Design Legends Gala in October in New York.

Thanks, Design Observer, for this link, and for supporting this cause.