Amazon Kicks Off ‘Kindle Singles Interview’ Series

Series promises to feature 'iconic figures and world leaders'

Expanding the range of its Kindle Singles offerings, Amazon has kicked off an interview series on the e-reader. The first installment of "The Kindle Singles Interview" series features Israeli President Shimon Peres, who was interviewed by Tablet magazine's literary editor, David Samuels. Amazon previewed the 42-page piece with a handful of quotes from the octogenarian leader, including his praise for Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

With the series, which will include other "iconic figures and world leaders," Amazon is borrowing from the format of print magazines and their high-profile interviews (think Rolling Stone or Time).

“In September 1962, novelist Alex Haley’s conversation with Miles Davis launched the Playboy Interview, and pioneered the idea of a long-form, extended dialogue with the great personalities of our time,” Kindle Singles editor David Blum said in a release. “We hope to carry forward that tradition, and use the unlimited digital space to engage great artists and thinkers in conversation with skilled writers and interviewers.”

Typically, successful Kindle Singles are the works of established authors, which entices readers who are used to consuming digital content for free on the Web to pony up the small fee associated with the shorter e-books. But in the case of the new interview series, Amazon appears to believe Kindle's reach is large enough to attract readers—and their money—based on the interview subjects alone. Amazon reps were not immediately available to comment on other interviews set to be published as part of the series.