Amazin’ Dykstra in Tussle With Publisher

The NYPost is reporting that former New York Met, and crowd favorite at last night’s Ellies, Lenny Dykstra is having problems with Doubledown, the publisher of his new magazine Player’s Club.

For those of you not familiar with the title, Dykstra informed the audience last night that among other things Player’s Club is a magazine geared specifically towards major league athletes, and will advise them on things like how to purchase a private jet, which is about as applicable to our lives as high-end laser skin treatments and eight-hundred dollar shoes, so probably we’ll subscribe.

Back to the brawl: according to the NYP

The finger-pointing…centers on cost overruns at the magazine, as well as charges by Dykstra that Doubledown used his name without permission to launch a newsletter and Web site called The Dykstra Report, which isn’t connected to Players Club.

Doubledown says Dykstra is a “mercurial, difficult client.” Dykstra says “I don’t buckle – I go to war.” We say Dykstra was a welcome comedic relief at last night’s show, and we won’t be at all surprised to see him on the recieving end of his own Ellie next year.