Amanda Hearst Talks Clothes

The New York Times has a section called “What I Wore,” which features an important person discussing their clothing choices for one week. Why a paper would have something like this is beyond us, as pictures are a much better way of doing this than text, but because Amanda Hearst is taking part in the clothing diary today, it’s FishbowlNY’s duty to let you know about it.

Shockingly, Hearst – who aside from being an heiress to the Hearst empire is an Associate Editor at Marie Claire – wears lots of expensive-sounding things. Spoiler alert! Here’s what she wore on Tuesday:

I put on an Urban Outfitters brown and black patterned miniskirt with a black Calvin Klein shirt, Wolford tights and black Chanel knee-high boots. I added a necklace by my friend Prince Dimitri, a watch by Franck Muller and small Tiffany gold hoop earrings.

We’re not making fun of Hearst, heiresses are supposed to wear nice things. But we have to admit, when she says, “I’m such a New Yorker — I wear black all the time!” it makes us want to leave New York forever and ever and ever.