Alpha Delta Bush

It’s too bad the White House pool cameras don’t pan more to reporters during presidential news conferences, because–apparently–we missed an all out fraternity party during President Bush’s conference.

In one corner, you might have seen Steve Holland running the gauntlet and Jim VandeHei in a toga tossing back Pabst Blue Ribbon.

No? Well, don’t tell some reporters that, who seem to think that yesterday’s press conference was straight out of Animal House.

Dana Milbank: “…simply his old Delta Kappa Epsilon roots showing…”

  • David Shuster: “The president does excel at fraternity style teasing, like when he towel-snapped a ‘New York Times’ reporter.”

  • Chris Matthews: “Did his P.R. people warn the president, when you go out and fight with the press and towel–snap like he was with Elisabeth Bumiller, you’re going to face people that have videotape in their hands and notebooks?”


    “Pat, you don’t believe the president, who is a smart fellow in many ways, especially as a politician, didn’t know what he was doing today when he did the towel snap at Elisabeth Bumiller”