HuffPost Live Executive Producer Shares Her ‘Hard-Learned Lessons’

There’s a helpful post today on Maria Shriver’s site The Shriver Report. It comes from Allison Girvin, executive producer of HuffPost Live.

Girvin prefaces her nine informal edicts for fellow female broadcast journalists with the admission that she has come to most of her professional wisdom via trial-and-error. She warns that it remains harder for women in the business than it does for their male counterparts:

You will be asked to take the notes at meetings because you are the only woman in the room, even though you’re also the most senior person there. Your boss will forget to invite you to happy hours even though he remembers to invite the rest of your (all male) team. I can’t tell you how often I’ve been asked if I’m the secretary. The higher you climb, the worse it gets…

Another great aspect of Girvin’s essay are the incidental references to an Indigo Girls song lyric and an unattributed quote about how a woman should be prepared when opportunity knocks. We had the pleasure of meeting Girvin during a recent HuffPost Live set visit. Read her great set of tips here.