Allison Arieff To Dwell Elsewhere

The editor-in-chief of Dwell–and a leader of the current prefab movement–Allison Arieff, is leaving the magazine. From an email to us:

“The strategic direction of Dwell has been changing and its fundamental mission compromised. I left because if I wasn’t able to continue the creative work my team and I had been doing, I couldn’t in good conscience, continue to do my job. I will very much miss working with my amazing creative team and am so proud of what i was able to accomplish with them at Dwell. And now, I am looking forward to the next chapter…”

Dwell, which has grown increasingly thick over the last few months, just announced that they’re adding two additional issues next year. In 2002, Karrie Jacobs, the founding editor of Dwell, also left the magazine, at odds with its philosophy.