Allergic to Your Job? Journalist Announces His Newsprint Allergy

baltimore sunInk!

According to a piece we read in The Wall Street Journal, a journalist at the Baltimore Sun has unfortunately learned he’s allergic to newsprint!

He’s allergic to pine resin which is actually an ingredient of newspaper ink itself.

Michael Dresser informed colleagues in a memo a few days ago that he’s going to wear rubber gloves around the office to avoid coming into contact with it. Apparently he’s experienced skin troubles and eye ailments as a result of discovering his allergy.He explained in the piece, “People have been more amused than sympathetic, which is exactly what I would probably be. The irony just overwhelms anything else.”

Aside from gloves, the reporter plans on wearing light-colored clothing (he’s allergic to a dye that’s used in dark clothing, too). In addition, Dresser’s going to start reading the digital version of the paper instead of the hard copy.

“I used to complain that we didn’t get delivery of the print edition but now I’m not complaining so much.”