All the Excitement of a Plain White T-Shirt, Only Virtually

A few weeks back, we were all steamed up and ranting about the controversial photographer Terry Richardson, and then, by extension, the very Richardson-esque ads that American Apparel runs all the time. So while this writer still isn’t the biggest fan of the company and hasn’t really ever “gotten” their appeal, we’re starting to appreciate their business acumen thanks to this story that recently appeared about their opening a virtual store in that Second Life online universe thingie. We haven’t ventured into any of the Second Life “islands” yet, being as, this writer in particular, is an old man who fears change, but we find this really interesting. The company has built this gigantic beautiful store, thanks to someone named Aimee Weber, and will be selling virtual clothes for a buck a piece. And given what we’ve read about the amount of people now populating this thing, they’re apt to make a bazillion dollars. Maybe then they’ll be able afford to move their models out of that scary basement their print ads always seem to take place in. Here’s another story about it all if that first link piques your interest.