All Brent Budowksy Writes About Is His Drudge Crush

Sealed With ANOTHER Kiss. Come on, Bud. Really?

Back in June of last year, we wrote about The Hill columnist Brent Budowksy kissing Matt Drudge’s ass. At the time, he wrote a column praising Drudge, saying he “may be the most influential media figure today.”

Well apparently Budowksy still thinks that. Earlier this week he again wrote about Drudge which, naturally, Drudge linked to (hence writing it in the first place, a fairly timeless formula.) This time, it’s “Drudge defines the debate.” It’s Budowksy telling it like it is: “The blunt truth is, Matt Drudge has probably had more influence deciding the political narrative in Washington than any individual in America…”

Budowksy has a long history of these oddly glorifying articles about Drudge. This is getting embarrassing already.

Read here, here, here, here, here, and here.

We’ve requested comment from Budowsky on this matter.

UPDATE: Budowsky responds. It’s verrry long, so we’re putting it after the jump and highlighting the gist just in case reading the whole thing in one sitting gives you hives.

Budowsky: When I write about Drudge I am sending a message to Democrats, who have virtually no narrative, and who have made no attempt to compete in the kind of media that Drudge does which is obviously influential.  Read my Drudge pieces the way the White House or senior Democrats would read them, including and especially my last one.  The day my last Drudge piece ran, I was literally talking to one of the highest executives in the US in TV news for 40 minutes and he pulled it up while we talked, and we talked about it in real time.

I have had this conversation with high level Democrats for several years now.  There is a whole conservative media infrastructure
and promotional machine, there is literally nothing from the Democratic and progressive side that even attempts to compete with it.

There are two issues, the first is the issue of Democrats lacking a narrative, especially Obama who should have followed
through after the 2008 election but did not, and the second is developing the media to advance the narrative, which Drudge
among many others on the right does, which Democrats have not attempted to develop for their side.