A Naked Surfer in Park Slope

CNN writer-producer Alexandra King's memorable piece of art.

Pretty much every nook and cranny of CNN digital writer-producer Alexandra King’s “BoHo chic pad” in Park Slope is covered by writer Diane Pham in a fun post on 6sqft.com. King lives there with her husband; has been known to run into nearby neighbor Steve Buscemi at the dry cleaners; and is thrilled to no longer be battling a “biblical-level roach infestation” in Chinatown.

The only unanswered questions we had after reading the item involved the huge, framed photo of a naked male surfer, riding a summer’s-day wave amidst overlaid handwritten scrawl. After all, it’s not every day that we come across an individual hanging zen in a Brooklyn dining-room nook.

King tells us the piece was a gift from the artist, Despina Stokou. When Stokou debuted the piece in New York in 2012 as part of “Conversations on the Dirty Dozen,” there was more handwriting on the wall. From a description by New York Art Tours:

The haphazard look of Stokou’s writing channels Cy Twombly’s energetically repeated words and marks and Matt Mullican’s automatism, and looks as if it would involve insane ramblings.  In fact, the words trail off with a piece of tongue-in-cheek art world advice (from an artist who is also a curator) reading “I used to be an artist too, you know.  If you don’t watch out you’re going to end up a curator.”

British-born King, together with her aforementioned husband (Isaac Lyles), also owns Lower East Side gallery Lyles and King. Check out the gallery’s current roster of artists here and King’s latest CNN pieces via this page.

Photo of King via: Twitter