Oldest Man in America Gets More 21st Century Ink

AlexanderImichJewishPressPhotoA recent article in The Jewish Press about 111-year-old Upper West Side resident Alexander Imich came about thanks to the efforts of a much younger Brooklyn rabbi. Today, that rabbi – 30-year-old Pinny Marozov – gets profiled at chabad.org and provides more detail about this evolving friendship.

The response to the February 28 Jewish Press story was immediate; readers rallied to replace Imich’s recently lost hearing aids and buttressed visits, renewed home care. [Editor’s Note 05/05/14: Please see reader comment below.] Marozov meanwhile affixed a Mezuzah to the Polish-born uber senior citizen’s apartment door and helped him put on a Tefillin for the first time in almost 100 years. The Canadian-born rabbi told Chabad contributor Mindy Rubenstein he is looking forward to more sharing of the faith:

Marozov said he plans to visit Imich again before Passover and bring him some shmura matzah — handmade matzah made from grain that is guarded from the moment of harvesting, so that no fermentation occurs.

Regarding the meetings with his new elderly friend and the opportunity to bring some Judaism into Imich’s life, the rabbi said: “It’s very special for me to have this opportunity.”

Marozov first found out about Imich, the world’s second oldest man, while visiting family in Seattle. Read the rest of the Chabad piece here.

Update (June 9):
Imlich, who subsequent to this post was certified as the world’s oldest living man, has passed away. RIP.

[Photo: Beth Sarafraz/The Jewish Press]

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