Alex S. Joins AA, Gets Interviewed About It


For someone who claims not to like American Apparel all that much (or, rather, just doesn’t get it), this writer sure does like to talk about them. But we certainly understand that they must be doing something right if they’re opening up a bazillion stores every week (there’s a small one being built in this writer’s kitchen as he types this), so we must concede that they’re at least interesting to watch, if not regularly guffaw at. And that is what leads us to this interesting interview over at if! magazine with Alex Spunt, one of the company’s advertising/marketing head honchos, and likely the one responsible for those ads we don’t like (nor are they liked by any of our many hipster friends, so there). It’s a very interesting interview with bits of good strategy in there for getting a brand from selling $4 plain white t-shirts to $30 plain white t-shirts. Here’s some:

The advertising comes from what Dov used to do with the wholesale catalogues. He used snapshots of friends, girlfriends in his earlier catalogues. He still shoots a lot. We have a girl who now shoots a lot of the photos, Iris. Between me, Iris and the graphic designer we’ve been responsible for much of the recent advertising but we get everyone involved. I mean we’ve had interns shooting ads. Dov started this style and it’s just grown since then.