Albert Speer Jr. Responds to Nuremberg’s Push for UNESCO Status for the Nazi Rally Grounds Designed by His Father

Albert Speer Jr., who has spent much of his architectural career being compared to his father, Adolph Hitler‘s favorite architect Albert Speer Sr., while also attempting to distance himself from him at the same time, is now in the middle of directly confronting his father’s work. The German municipality of Nuremberg is in the process of trying to get UNESCO recognition for the famous Nazi rally grounds there. The area’s master plan was designed by Speer Sr., as were many of the buildings that surround it. The municipality now wants to hand over the site to UNESCO because of the costs associated with its upkeep, but Speer Jr. doesn’t see this as the right move. He recently told the German magazine Focus that he finds the whole thing “a weird idea” and that it isn’t fitting with both the way UNESCO traditionally functions and the method is ” totally out of line with other nations’ ways of preserving a repugnant past.” However, he understands how difficult the situation is in a historical context and also doesn’t believe the solution is tearing down every single thing, like Italy did with most of the monuments to Benito Mussolini.