Al Jazeera’s Dinner Guest List is…

Al Jazeera will have a presence at tonight’s Radio and TV Congressional Dinner at the Convention Center.

“UPDATE: Humbled by an unplanned time in the spotlight thanks to its much discussed coverage of the Mideast, Al Jazeera’s Arabic channel Bureau Chief, Abderrahim Foukara and English language channel Bureau Chief Muhammad Cajee and its own Jeff Ballou who sits on the association’s executive committee will lead a team of staff and the following guests to the RTCA dinner tonight.”


Capt. John Kirby, Spokesman, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
George Little, Director, CIA office of public affairs
Michael Blake, Associate Director and Deputy Associate Director of the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs, Office of Public Engagement, The White House
Karen Richardson, Associate Director for International Outreach, Office of Public Engagement, The White House
Famed civil rights attorney Robert Watkins, of Counsel Williams and Connolly
Robert Cardillo, Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Integration
Shawn Turner, spokesman, National Security Council, The White House
Harry Jaffe, Washingtonian Magazine
PJ Crowley, Former State Department spokesman
Bob Litt, General Counsel, Office of the Director of National Intelligence
Vic Carter, Anchor, CBS Baltimore
Ben Chang, U.S. Department of State
Matt Lee, The Associated Press and dean of the State Department Press Corps
B Christopher Thigpen, CEO, Savannah Essentials

UPDATE: Al Jazeera adds…Rep. Jim McDermott, D-Wash., Chris Hensman, The White House and Washingtonian‘s Jill Hudson. And with the longest title we’ve seen since the last time we wrote this phrase is…Cherreka Montgomery, Director of the Evaluation and Measurement Unit, Office of the Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, Office of Policy, Planning and Resources U.S. Department of State.