Airbnb Logo Makes the Wrong Kind of Headlines

According to BBC News, a seven-member team at London’s DesignStudio worked on the new Airbnb logo for a period of a year.

Surely, during that time, the agency group was not hoping to generate headlines of reaction to “Bélo” like these:

Everyone Thinks Airbnb’s New Logo Looks Like A Vagina (Except Airbnb)

The New Airbnb Logo is a Sexual Rorschach Test for Our Times

Yes, Airbnb’s New Logo Looks Like a Butt. That’s Kind of the Point

Is Airbnb’s New Logo a Vagina? No, But In a Way Yes

And Airbnb and its design partners certainly were not counting on a Tumblr blog dedicated to spinning off the logo into all sorts of anatomical illustration arenas. But there’s that, too.

Will Airbnb – a disruptor Condé Nast Traveler describes in its coverage as “the company that lets you stay in someone’s home without feeling creepy about it” – survive? Of course. Especially since the great majority of users care much more about whether the room has a view than what the corporate logo was, is or supposedly stands for.