AIGA Cancels Membership in Icograda

A break-up of sorts this week, as it’s been announced that the AIGA has resigned its membership in the International Council of Graphic Design Associations, more familiarly known as Icograda. Richard Grefe, executive director of the AIGA, made the announcement on the organization’s blog, explaining that the decision was made due to Icograda’s slow, bureaucratic movement on issues, as well as financial considerations, given that AIGA’s members have been hit by hard economic times, they felt that paying Icograda’s membership fees wasn’t the best use of already pinched expenses. Here’s a bit from Grefe’s explination:

We believe the current course of Icograda is not one that positions it effectively for relevance and leadership in the 21st century quickly enough. Some will disagree with the decision AIGA has made, which was intended to accelerate a process that we believe is in Icograda’s — and the design profession’s — best interest. Some will say we are too impatient; we would argue we are being prudent in committing resources and priorities in a world that is changing at warp speed.