AIA Diagrams the Quick Rise of Architects’ Salaries (Before the Financial Fall)

On Monday, we reported that the American Institute of Architects‘ new president, Marvin Malecha, is saying that he expects business to pick back up after six to eight months, despite a year full of troubling data released by the AIA showing the field’s fall from grace. Now the AIA has released a new piece of information, the 2008 Compensation Survey (explained here by Architectural Record), that shows the very quick increase of architects’ salaries over the past decade. After years of being underpaid, the typical salary jumped from around $34,000 in 1990 to more than $73,000 this year, a jump far higher than that within most other professions. So while that’s great news, that architects have been receiving their due, it’s a little worrisome in this new, frightening economy that any fall might be made all the more worse, particularly when you recall this other batch of data about how high billings were this year, pre-bust. Here’s to crossed fingers.