AIA, Architects, Local Fans Join Fight to Save Portland’s Memorial Coliseum


If you’ve recently been on the hunt for some story to cling to while simultaneously making you anxious over the outcome (remember the Paul Rudolph-Sarasota story from the middle of last year, which sadly didn’t end very well?), perhaps this one will do. The mayor and city commissioner of Portland have announced that they want to demolish the city’s nearly half-century old, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill-designed coliseum and build something new. This has not cottoned well with local architects and fans of the building, including the AIA chapter there, who have banded together to fight the proposed destruction. So now it’s a battle, largely led by architect Peter Meijer at the helm, to save the building by getting it placed under landmark status. Whichever way it goes (and we have our fingers crossed, but due to journalistic integrity, we can’t tell you for which way — not that it’s hard to guess with us), we’ll be keeping an eye out and letting you know what happens.