Ai Weiwei Tells the Media That He’s Gotten in Trouble for Talking to the Media

Over the past couple of weeks with artist Ai Weiwei suddenly starting to reemerge online and in the media, despite a gag order placed on him by the Chinese government upon his release from a three-month detainment, we’ve spent time speculating every time he quickly pops his head out in public to test the waters if the ban has been lessened or if Weiwei just can’t be kept away. Breaking the gag order once more by recently talking to the LA Times, it appears to be much more of the latter. In between talking about an installation of his work at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, which opened this past Saturday, writer David Ng managed to get the artist to reveal a bit about his recent forays back into the limelight (like right at that moment, talking to the LA Times). Though very brief and, as Ng puts it, “the artist hesitated when asked,” Weiwei offered up the following: “Twitter is not allowed, of course,” he said. “I can’t talk about my case. I have broken some rules, but I have to take the consequences. I have been warned again.” So, as we’d said back when Weiwei joined Google+, once a rule breaker, always a rule breaker. How much trouble he’ll get in for saying he’ll get in trouble for saying that is anyone’s guess. We’ll wait to hear all about it on Twitter or maybe a profile/interview in the New Yorker.