Afternoon Reading List 10.23.13

Shep Smith is a jerk (to waitresses):  Gawker’s Jim Cooke has posted a story about Shep Smith’s unorthodox method of ordering drinks at a bar. Apparently, Shep tends to scream and berate waitresses, and then leave without tipping. Scolding an employee at a bar and humiliating them in public is one thing, but not leaving a tip? That’s messed up, man. The servers still have to tip out the busboys and cooks, and that comes out of their pocket. Not cool, bro.

Why you should read it: The story brings to light a side of Shep that only the readers, a reporter from Florida, and a Tallahassee court have seen. Read more here.

Are big newspapers pro-surveillance or pro-privacy?: According to HuffPost’s Jack Mirkinson, a study by the Colombia Journalism Review found that most of the big-wig newspaper companies, including WaPo, LAT, NYT, and USA Today all showed significant amounts of pro-surveillance language over the past 2 months when reporting on the NSA and other government leaks.

Why you should read it: Although specific verbiage isn’t a direct indicator of a media bias, it’s still interesting to see how different media outlets report the same thing. Read more here and/or check out the full study here.

Who made a slightly racist remark at CNBC 

Steve Liesman makes slightly racist remark: Breitbart’s Larry O’Connor tossed a jab at CNBC’s Steve Liesman this morning after Liesman said he’d like to do a regular report on Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and his claims about joblessness and unemployment. Liesman jokingly added, “Can we get some music to go along with that? Some Mexican music, maybe?” Except Cruz isn’t Mexican. He’s half-Cuban.

Why you should read it: Do Cuban-Americans enjoy listening to Mexican music? Who knows? Probably not. Check out what O’Connor thinks and see the clip. Read more here.