Afternoon Reading List 12.20.10

*Slate‘s Chris Beam shares the joy of the holidays in this faux story about the First Family that appeared in Sunday’s WaPo. In it, Barack clogs the toilet, Michelle could kill old people with Brussels Sprouts from her garden, Malia got her text messages stolen and blogged about, Sasha got into trouble on a Girl Scout outing, and Bo peed everywhere. Thank God he didn’t leave Bo out of this. Read here.

*Are N.C.’s senators vanishing? Not quite, but you might think so. Virginia freelancer Mary Shaffrey takes on the issue of of North Carolina’s lack of regional reporting in D.C. None of the N.C.’s three dailies covered the DREAM Act. Read about it in U.S. News & World Report. Read here.

*Funny lady Joy Behar (ABC’s “The View,” HLN) sits down with Politico to discuss her style when interviewing politicians. She says of pols, “They just don’t shut up.” But the real question is does she ever shut up? We’re only teasing. Read and watch here.

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