Afternoon Reading List 10.23.12.

1. Project Upgrade — Lawmakers and their aides have notoriously been disheveled messes who look like they buy their suits off the rack and tie their ties in the dark. So GQ has decided to give six of Capitol Hill’s youngest players a much needed style boost. The piece includes seriously astonishing before and after pictures you won’t want to miss. The aides start out in their own ill-fitting clothing and bad haircuts and wind up in the likes of Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Bruno Cucinelli pocket squares. Look for the feature here and in the November issue of GQ.

2. Fun and games — If you’re looking for a way to numb out today after a late night of reporting that doesn’t involve anything illegal, NowThis News has a debate video game out today that allows you to pick the topic you want to hear, the candidate you want to hear and the argument of your choosing. Sound effects are pretty catchy. Play here.

See our last pick…3. Vanity Fair‘s National Editor Todd Purdum is out today with a post-debate reaction piece that’s both self-revealing and full of mixed feelings on what to think of Mitt Romney‘s performance — mostly he thought it was pretty canned. He did pick up on the sweat that formed on Romney’s face mid-way through. And where President Obama‘s closing statement was “succinct” Romney’s was “gauzy.” Read here.