After Years of Round Domes, Now They Want Cubists


If you’re a gallery owner, what do you do if a self-flagellating albino monk walks in and starts haggling with you about the prices of some of your pieces? The safe bet is likely to just give him what he wants, take a loss, and think, “Well, at least I didn’t have to see the Da Vinci Code in order to get that close to such a weird character.” Reason this might be happening more and more is that the Vatican is out in full-force trying to round up modern work for their art museum. From the AP story, the museum’s director, Francesco Branelli, said he “would like much to have a Picasso.” The museum is gearing up for their 500th anniversary (take that, MoMA!) and want it to be something really special. Here’s to hoping someone tries to make a trade like “Well, we’ll give you three of our Picassos for half of that big ceiling thing.” We’d like that.

* before the letters roll in, please note that this writer can make jokes at the expense of Catholicism because he was raised Catholic and spent many, many years in Catholic schools, with nuns and everything, the whole bit. That gives him all the right in the world. And he’s Irish, so if you want to pick a fight, he’s all for it. He’ll probably also be drunk.