After 18 Years in London, NYT Correspondent Comes Home

In her delightful essay “Ta-Ta, London. Hello, Awesome,” Sarah Lyall explains what it’s like to be back in New York following a taste of three decades in London as a New York Times foreign correspondent.

The headline is a reference to the fact that she has relocated from a place of off-the-cuff Latin to a land where the word “awesome” has ingrained itself into casual conversation. Among Lyall’s other observations about what transpired here in her absence:

New York City’s center of gravity shifted to Brooklyn, at least according to the people who live in Brooklyn…

The Kardashians arrived and would not leave.

Indeed. Not only will the K-clan not leave, but when someone like Katie Couric offers a matter-of-fact observation to a reporter, there is a laughable hell to pay.

Lyall is for the most part being warmly praised in the NYT comments by readers on both sides of the Atlantic. Astute points include this one from Central Virginia:

Bartolo: You correctly poke fun at our use of “awesome” but fail to mention that the Brits are on either their second or third decade of the appalling overuse of “brilliant.”

[Image courtesy @sarahlyall]