Adventures in New Media: National Zoo Edition

Hump day hilarity!!! If you’ve never visited the Pandas Unlimited Flickr group, you are missing out. The group boasts over 2600 members who actively contribute photos and comments about the crown jewels of Washington; the pandas at the National Zoo.

Today, the zoo announced that Mei, their mother panda is not preggers…the announcement triggered some phenomenal responses from the PandAddicts. A few of my faves:

“To sweet, beautiful Mei: I’m so sorry that you didn’t have another cubbie. I don’t know what you’re feeling or what you’ve been going through but we love you Precious Mei. We’ll hope for another cubbie next year but please know that we are so grateful to you because you gave us the greatest gift of all when Tai Shan was born. He is perfection and is so loved and it was you and Tian that created him and you who were such a wonderful Mommy to him. Somehow I think that you will get another chance to raise another cubbie someday…”

“Poor Mei indeed. It’s as if she knows.”

“Oh that’s sad. I so wanted her to be a mother again – FOR HER SAKE, NOT MINE – so that she could express her natural, wonderful mothering instincts she showed with Tai, so she could cuddle a little cubbie in her arms and express her emotions of caring, warmth and love. I wanted to give her that in appreciation for what she gives me.I am so sorry Mei, that we can’t help you be a mummy again this year. “

“LOL about the panda mating videos. I have some of Tai’s “PlayBoo” photos on my work computer and the people at work call them “panda porn.” I told them that he’s only three almost four so they are purely innocent just like him but they aren’t backing down!”

“Happy Wednesday everyone. Tai sorry you won’t be getting a baby bruder or sister dis year. Boy you sure are one miracle widdle baby cubbie growed up to be almost four years old.”

“Fanks fow bwekfass, Auntie Teweetza (whymes wif Peetza)! Happy Wenzday, UB and Tai, and all his aunties!”

I feel another one of these coming on: