New York Times CRO Underlines ‘Niche Ads Business’

Toiling in the shadow of Google, Facebook and Snapchat.

At this week’s AdExchanger Industry Preview 2017 event in New York, one panel discussion featured Rob Norman, global chief digital officer for WPP’s GroupM, Meredith Kopit Levien, executive vice president and chief revenue officer of The New York Times, and Dave Morris, CRO for CBS Interactive. At one point, Kopit Levien framed the evolution of the newspaper industry’s legacy business model in a manner that aligned New York with Detroit.

The assembly line here is pumping out content, not cars. But in both cases, a U.S. “Big Three” looms large:

“Up until now, we’ve been a niche consumer business with a $1 billion-plus newspaper ad business. Now we’re on a path to becoming a very big consumer business and a niche ad business. If you’re a content company and you’re not Facebook, Google or Snapchat, you’re in the niche ads business.”

Kopit Levien also talked about Readerscope, a tool developed by The New York Times to help direct marketers identify the best narrative topics to employ on Watch the full conversation below.