Mets Beat Writer Adam Rubin Was Ready for a Change

He has shifted to a communications role with the New York Institute of Technology

Word of Adam Rubin’s transition away from full-time baseball writing first came in February via social media. After 15 years as a New York Mets beat writer for ESPN and the Daily News, he was moving to the PR side.

This week, The Campus Slate, the student newspaper from that PR side, has some good insight into what Rubin has started accomplishing for the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) athletics department. But it is a piece, recently, in between, that is most revealing from a journalism point of view.

Although Rubin was already contemplating a career shift from his end, he was let go by ESPN. They chose not to renew his contract. Rubin talks about this and much more in the latest weekly Q&A conducted by newsletter The -30-:

“ESPN declined to renew my contract, so I would have been out later this year anyway. ESPN seems to be bleeding money because of cord-cutting, so my salary was unattractive to them. And the new MLB editor at ESPN wants to get away from “thorough” beat coverage—that’s the precise word she used—and I suppose I was the sacrificial lamb to hammer home that point.”

“Anyway, ESPN agreed to give me a buyout to leave now. And I get to do what I planned to do anyway. So it worked out tremendously.”

Rubin is keeping a hand in journalism. He expects to do TV work this season for Mets TV network SNY; he hopes to continue a Sunday morning baseball-focused show on ESPN 98.7 New York; and he says he may well freelance as a Mets writer for the Post or News this summer as well.

Lots more great stuff in the Q&A about both Rubin’s new position as assistant athletic director for strategic communications at NYIT and the evolution of his sportswriting career. Read the full conversation here.

Photo via: Facebook