Adam Platt Got Kicked Out of a Restaurant

Mario Carbone, Jeff Zalaznick, and Rich Torrisi — owners of ZZ’s Clam Bar — are apparently not fans of Adam Platt, New York’s restaurant critic. While dining at the Greenwich Village location, Platt was greeted by a bouncer, who promptly bounced him.

Platt told Grub Street that he had no idea why he and his guests were kicked out. “We weren’t drinking to excess,” said Platt. “We weren’t breaking any crockery. I think we were on our best behavior.” Crockery!

Anyway. Platt and his friends were busy talking amongst themselves when suddenly the dinner was brought to an abrupt halt:

We’re there for about two hours, and we’re enjoying ourselves. We’re almost finished when things dry up. Some courses I ordered don’t arrive, and suddenly the very large bouncer shows up at our table. He’s wearing his outside coat. He’s got a Serious Bouncer Expression on his face. He hovers over us and says, ‘I’m sorry, but you guys are done.’ So we say, “What do you mean?’ He just says, ‘I’m sorry, but you guys are done.’

Platt added that they weren’t even allowed to pay their bill. The bouncer just wanted them out. As of now, there has been no response from the owners about the incident.

Let the record show that if you’re dining at ZZ’s and a large man tells you that you’re done eating, you’re done eating. No matter who you are.

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