Adam Nagourney to Head NYT’s LA Bureau

The New York Times’ chief political correspondent Adam Nagourney is going west to head the paper’s LA bureau.

Huffpo has the story:

Nagourney came to the paper after covering Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign for USA Today and was assigned to cover Bob Dole’s White House run in 1996. After that he covered city politics and was subsequently named chief political correspondent in 2002. Nagourney covered George W. Bush’s 2004 campaign and the historic 2008 presidential campaign — the latter of which seemed to be a fitting point of departure from the D.C. scene.

As L.A. bureau chief, Nagourney will handle a national and business reporting staff as well as leading coverage of Hollywood and California politics. Jennifer Steinhauer, the current bureau chief, is coming to Washington to cover Congress.

The move had apparently been in the works for some time. Nagourney’s political coverage had been drifting west as of late. He filed a piece from Burbank on March 1, about the G.O.P. targeting California’s Senate seats.