Adam Lambert Fans Rightfully Rise Up Against Complaining Wiltern Journalist

While article author Lindsay Taub tweeted that upsetting Adam Lambert fans was not her intention, and the online publication where the piece was published has come to her defense, the bottom line is she deserves the vociferous comment criticism received.

Taub’s beef is basically that when she approached fellow concertgoer Lambert at a recent Wiltern Theatre Joss Stone concert, on behalf of her crazed-fan friend, he had the audacity to tell her to catch up to him after the show. The American Idol superstar was crossing the lobby at the time, headed back to his seats with beverages in hand:

Okay, so he was holding two beers. It’s not like he was being mobbed… If it was really such a big deal that he was carrying two beers, he could’ve asked me to hold one, or he could’ve asked my friend to hold one. He could’ve said, “wait here while I take these to my seats and I’ll come right back.” He could have said, “follow me to my seat so I can put these down.” Anything! Or just taken the two seconds to take a photo.

Taub’s unfortunate, nonsensical logic unleashed a small but very vocal torrent of comments from readers, all pointing out the error of her Wiltern ways. To view those reactions, click here. Ironically, the name of Taub’s column is “Celebrity 101,” through which she has now learned a hard lesson.

Update – 11/05/12: Taub has posted a response to the Lambert fan community outcry. She admits to some errors of editorial judgment but also admonishes those who piled on during the discussion with hateful comments and pseudonymous cyber-bullying.
[Photo of Lambert performing this past July in Poland: Dzuriek/]