Ad Age Feels Aggregated; HuffPo Writer Suspended

A piece by Huffington Post writer Amy Lee that Ad Age writer Simon Dumenco claimed was “basically a short but thorough paraphrasing/rewriting of the Ad Age post” has gotten Lee suspended indefinitely.

The HuffPo pickup, since it “cherrypicked all the essential content,” sent only 57 clicks to Ad Age, Dumenco said.

Well, Peter Goodman, executive business editor at the Huffington Post, saw Dumenco’s complaint and suspended Amy Lee.

“Your criticism of our post is completely valid: We should have either taken what you call ‘the minimalist approach’ or simply linked directly to your story. That is how we train our writers and editors to handle stories such as this.

We have made a very substantial investment in original reporting here, bringing in dozens of new writers in recent months. And while we will continue to curate the news for our audience, what occurred in this instance is entirely unacceptable and collides directly with the values that are at work in our newsroom. We have zero tolerance for this sort of conduct. Given that, the writer of the offending post has been suspended indefinitely,” Goodman wrote.

We reached out to Lee via email and will update this post if we hear back.

(via Romenesko)