Actress Who Anonymously Sued IMDB Over Age Reveal Forced to Go Public

The actress who anonymously sued IMDB for revealing her age against her wishes has been forced to publicly reveal her name. Huong Hoang, also known as Junie Hoang, sued IMDB after the company used her credit card information to determine she was 40–then posted that info on her page. She initially was able to keep her name a secret in the suit, but legal wrangling by IMBD forced yet another reveal.

THR Esq. has the story:

Amazon, IMDB’s parent, asked a federal judge to force the plaintiff to reveal herself, citing the judicial process’ strong preference for transparency and its belief that proceeding openly would not subject Hoang to measurable discrimination in Hollywood. Hoang, repped by Washington lawyer John Dozier, opposed the effort to unmask her, but on Dec. 23 the judge ruled that Hoang must come forward with a new complaint under her own name or it would be dismissed.

Hoang is a working actress with dozens of film credits to her name–most recently Gingerbread Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver. Her birthday is still posted on her IMDB page