Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum Director Fired Over Shoplifting

It’s a good thing we have a presidential candidate making Illinois look good right now. Otherwise we’d start becoming known as the state who has unruly graduate students who hate tyrannosauruses and the home of shoplifting museum directors. The latter comes from the news that Governor Blagojevich has had to fire the executive director of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, Rick Beard, for getting caught twice pinching merchandise from retail outlets. The first time happened early last year, when he was caught swiping ties, and now recently when he was apprehended while trying to steal season four of the TV show “House.” We don’t even know where to go with this after that last sentence. Strange. We’re just one new Thunderbirds sighting away from becoming a truly bizarre state. But we don’t mean to be overly mean. Sounds like the guy might have something going on with him that doesn’t seem so healthy.