Aaron Brown’s Grand Central ‘Office’

As he bides his time before joining Arizona State University faculty in 2007, Aaron Brown has been taking meetings at his roving “office” of restaurants in Grand Central Terminal. He saves rent that way.

As he explains to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

I’ve been talking to some people about doing an interview program and maybe a couple of documentaries a year. I’ve pretty much set up an office at Grand Central Station. If you want to talk to me, we sit in one of three restaurants there and do business. That way, I don’t have to pay rent. No one is paying any attention to us because we’re lost in the crowd, and I can get the train and be home in 32 minutes.

Brown says he wants to do a documentary that follows five “kids back from Iraq and spend six months with them as they try to re-acclimate to civilian life.”

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