A Year Later Chicago Architecture Foundation Still on the Hunt for a New Place to Live


Back in October of 2008, we told you that the Chicago Architecture Foundation was hurt by the economic downfall (which of course would get much, much worse in the coming months) but was still trying to move forward in securing a new space for itself. It seemed like they had some good momentum going in their quest for a big new facility of their own, to be ready to move into by the time their lease expired on their current Michigan Avenue location, but here we are more than a year out and they’re still hunting. Not too much has changed in the interim, save for a few particular buildings and areas they’re taking a look at, all a part of a multi-year plan to evaluate their options. Fortunately, the president of the organization, Lynn Osmond, says they hope to make a decision in the next three months. And that decision, according to the Chicago Tribune, might include just staying put and revising the space they’re in now, which would make all of our excited speculation over this past year completely moot.