A Wired Election Night with Story Partners

Be careful what you tweet tomorrow night because roughly 200 of your friends and colleagues will read every word of it from the home of Gloria Dittus.  The serial entrepreneur and longtime PR maven is hosting a “Wired Election Party” for her latest public affairs venture, Story Partners.  

Guests at the “Story Partners’ Wired Election Party” will be able to watch election returns on all the major cable networks (with different channels on each floor of Gloria’s Kalorama manse) while screens of a new microsite, created by Story Partners and NJI Media, will stream Twitter feeds from campaign reporters, pundits and even the candidates themselves. 

“I’m a nerd and a political science major so election night is my Super Bowl,” said Story Partners Principal Amos Snead while explaining his excitement over tomorrow night’s fete. 

Participants at the event will be able to join the conversation by tagging their Twitter posts with #WEP2010 and folks from home can get in the mix by checking out the microsite that is already live at www.WiredElection.com.