A Whole Lot of Less

Thanks to the million-plus employees we’re sure work at the ninety story designboom headquarters, they’ve done it again with a thoroughly exhaustive profile on the “Less – Alternative Living Strategies” exhibit that’s part of the Padigilone d’Arte Contemporanea going on in Milan right now. Loads of photos, descriptions by the artists, and everything else you’d expect from the site. Here’s the main idea behind the whole thing:

On the show are works of 18 artists who did research on the
concept of ‘living.’ The living space to live in is both necessity and a
catalyst for needs and desires. This exhibition features new ways of living
for a more sustainable future. The artists have investigated this theme by
moving between micro-architecture and macro-design (and mobility). They seek
to critically address complexity of our society down to its most crucial and
urgent needs.