A Very Rough Sketch

The WaPo’s Dana Milbank confirms what we suspected earlier: That his “blog” is anything but.

From his washingtonpost.com chat:

    Odenton, Md.: Is it Rough Sketch or Washington Sketch? Are you trying to toughen up your image after last week?

    Dana Milbank: A very interesting and important question, Odenton.

    Rough Sketch — or, “Rough Sex,” as Chris Cillizza has dubbed it — is the name of my blog. Except that it isn’t a blog. It is just a place you can go to see the various things I’ve written for the newspaper or for the web, or done on video. This is confusing because it uses blogging software and looks exactly like a blog, even though I don’t update it every five minutes and interact with you, the beloved reader. Hopefully this confusing answer has cleared up everything. Mission Accomplished?