A Third Fox News GOP Debate and Other Debate-Related Items You May Have Missed

Pumped? Or tired?

The DNC was forced to give its blessing to tonight‘s Democratic debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, but there’s so much other debate-related news and trivia floating around today, we’re giving you a good old-fashioned round up.

1. The PBS democratic debate will air concurrently on CNN.

It’s a funny juxtaposition, this arrangement between a public television and a private cable channel that has resulted in the Feb. 11 Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff-hosted Democratic debate being made available for consumption on both PBS and CNN. The move is aimed at improving ratings, which will be bolstered not only by two networks carrying the event, but by, as CNN’s Brian Stelter puts it, cable’s “around-the-clock promotional power.”

2. Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace will get their third chance with the GOP candidates.

Are we finally getting the Kelly/Trump face-off we’ve been waiting for? And will it be more or less interesting now that Trump’s hypothetical polling strength has been varnished by real-world results? We’ll find out March 3.

3. Stitched together, there’s been almost a complete day of debates.

That figure, which comes to us via Vox’s Javier Zarracina and Sarah Frostenson, sounds like a lot, but not when you put it in comparative context. Per our colleague Chris Ariens over at TVNewser, the 2012 GOP cycle had cycled through 20 debates by Feb. 22. If the current debate schedule remains unchanged, there will have been only nine sanctioned GOP debates by that time this year.