“A Stylish Leader Is a Despotic Leader”

patriotic.jpgQuipmaster Simon Doonan has done it again, this time extending his style-oriented bons mots into the realm of presidential fashion, or lack thereof, and just in time for Monday’s show of politically-inspired fashions at New York’s School of Visual Arts. In this week’s New York Observer, Doonan writes of his fatigued fielding of requests for fizzy opinions on the style of the presidential candidates. There’s just not much style to discuss. “A presidential candidate must always dress so as to be unremarkable,” he notes. “In this regard, the candidates and their spouses are doing a great job.”

Doonan bases his position on sound precedent. “History has shown us that if leaders start primping and vamping, then we better watch out: A stylish leader is invariably a despotic leader,” he writes. “Glam head of state = miserable, drab, oppressed population. Drab head of state = flossy-flossy, happy population.” But he does admit to having second thoughts, which leads him to dive into the fall collections and offer up some sartorial prescriptions for change. Among them:

For Hillary: when she’s not working the Balenciaga, she could go all Japanese avant-garde with a little Comme Des Garçons.

For Barack: The Clockwork Orange-inspired fall collection from Jean Paul Gaultier seems appropriate for the current brawl.

For Ms. Obama: the excesses of John Galliano‘s Dior collection — especially that crazy Pat McGrath maquillage — would certainly put Ms. McCain on her guard.