A-Rod Swings Gotham‘s Metrosexual Stick

For those of you who think the death of Cargo, Condé Nast’s unofficial metrosexual sourcebook, is the nail in the movement’s well-groomed coffin, check out the latest Gotham.

It’s actually not a bad issue, that is, if you can avoid falling asleep during the group interview with Alex Rodriguez and his wife, Cynthia:

G: If you hadn’t been a baseball player, what occupation would you have wanted to pursue?

AR: I really enjoy business — something on Wall Street or something entrepreneurial, where I would’ve been grinding it out in the workforce.

G: How does Alex’s fame affect your day-to-day life in and around the city?

CR: It’s easy to go about my day.

Other April issue highlights: Jane editor Brandon Holley, who describes her style as “a little school-boy, a little twisted office lady”; and Jason Oliver Nixon‘s farewell Letter From The Editor. After this issue, he’s handing Gotham over to Keija Minor.