A Quick Look at Fast Food: Burger King’s Redesign

If you somehow found yourself in possession of a time machine, what would be the first thing you’d do. If you said “I’d like to see what Burger King looks like in the future” then we would respond with: “That’s stupid.” But we say that out of care for you, dear reader, because we don’t want you wasting your precious time machine tokens on something you can see today. Nation’s Restaurant News has published information about and photos of the new store layout designs for the fast food chain. It’s all flash and sizzle, from LCD menus to lighting that looks like flames — though the long and short of it seems to be that if you’ve ever been to a sports bar chain, you probably won’t be seeing anything particularly new. It certainly isn’t as snazzy as the McDonald’s redesign from a little while back (though Burger King probably won’t get in trouble with Arne Jacobsen for their new digs). Also unfortunately, all of this will be moot anyway because, if the 1993 film Demolition Man taught us anything, it’s that the only restaurants in the future will be Taco Bells anyway. So enjoy the new BK look while you can.