A Page Sixer’s Blind Item Challenge

We confess we’re not very good guessing blind items. But if you are, you may want to have a go at Page Six deputy editor Paula Froelich’s inventive way to promote her new novel, “Mercury In Retrograde.”

Froelich is challenging readers to guess who inspired 10 characters from her book with the winner receiving a signed copy of the book and an invite to one of two book parties.

It may sound easy for people in the know, but this challenge might turn out to be harder than expected. Explains Froelich:

“I have not included any of my current colleagues (as I’d like to keep my job, thank you very much), nor are they all based solely on one person. In fact, most are an amalgam. The characters may not be based on people in the field in which they are described.”

For what its worth, we think this one will be the easiest to guess: “Kitty Foil, a teen starlet who accuses one of the main characters of ‘box-blocking’ her with a film director at the Met gala. A 17-year-old actress who’d been raised in the Disney farm leagues, Kitty brags about losing her virginity to Mick on a tour bus, keeps running to the bathroom to “powder her nose,” gets very drunk and ends up doing improbable yogic positions in rollerblades before wreaking havoc on the gala.”

Any guesses? Leave them below or go tell Paula. Winners will be picked Monday. We’ll keep you posted.