“A Lot Less French Than You’d Think!”


This is one of those very broad, general entries, but really interesting none the less. It’s an article from the Canadian magazine, Macleans, about the branding of nations, primarily Canada (of course). It’s interesting because even though it’s supposed that 98.9% of the readers of Unbeige probably haven’t recently been given the gig to re-brand a country, or even to do those semi-surreal ads where they advertise on the sides of buses or on TV (“Have you seen Norway lately?”), it does hold some relevance to those who do design work for any kind of company, from the biggest to the shop around the corner (the original, not the stupid one starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan). It has everything to do with getting ideas into the general vernacular, and if that isn’t the basic purpose of overall design, please e-mail us and let us know what it really is. Might also be a good read if you’re trying to figure out how in the world you’re going to come up with that new identity package for that small chain of stores — it sure as heck beats trying to change people’s minds about a country (“Romania: We’re Vampire Free!”).