A Look Back (and Forward) at the World Trade Center Rebuilding/Memorial Woes


On this, the anniversary of that tragic day eight years ago, Architectural Record has looked back and reports with an overview of the progress made in those years in creating the proposed September 11th memorials and massive rebuilding efforts. The result: not very good at all. As we’ve seen time and time again from the project’s very inception, everyone is angry and frustrated because the work is going much too slowly and way over budget, and it’s getting worse by the minute, leaving most to think that the entire fifteen billion dollar project likely won’t even be done in time for the ten year anniversary, despite officials promising otherwise:

Joe Daniels, president of the memorial and museum, says it is essential that the memorial be open by the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks. The architect [Michael Arad], while happy the project is moving forward, is not optimistic it will be finished by September 2011. “It’s a significant milestone,” Arad says, “and I’m disappointed that we’re not going to be able to meet it.”