A Look Back and a Scandal Before Apple Releases Their Fancy New Thing

If you’ve been online or even out in the streets lately, you’re sure to know that today’s the day that Apple will announce the release of a product so wonderful, so incredible, so necessary, that it will finally provide you with all your hopes and dreams. At least that’s what all the buzz has felt like. And as we’re certainly not ones to skip briefly capitalizing on the momentum, here’s two quickie related bits. First up, the good people at frog design have posted a batch of images and some backstory on “Bashful,” the prototype tablet they created for Apple back in the early ’80s, way before it was cool. A nice bit of nostalgia and one of the photos makes it even sort of look like the Xoxo Laptop, so frog could potentially claim they inspired that piece of machinery too and probably no one would give them much grief. Not so with the Baltimore Sun‘s Gus G. Sentementes who seemed to be trying to stir up some controversy where there really doesn’t seem to be any by asking if Apple’s invitation to today’s new product announcement is too similar to Wolff Olins‘ new branding for AOL. Besides both featuring a white logo on a colorful background, we’re not really seeing much to get worked up about. If anything, we’d guess it’s more likely that the AOL logo was inspired by all those already-paint splattered iPod ads Apple has been running for years. And so that concludes perhaps our first and final Apple iTabletSlate post. We shall see you again soon in the new, glorious future that is sure to begin in just a few short hours.

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